Vegan Review is a vegan directory with a kick. It’s crowdsourced by the vegan community and it’s based on our reviews. We need a tool to make our voices heard as consumers. We don't live in vegan utopia, we live in the real world, and in this world we have the collective power to create positive change for the animals, for our planet and ourselves.

Veganism is going mainstream and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. Vegan investment is on the rise and never before have so many new products been made available to us. Even companies previously fighting against vegan alternatives are starting to offer vegan choices due to competition. (We’re talking to you Hellmann's).

It’s not only food products that are driving market change. Businesses catering for vegans are popping up everywhere. From vegan AirBnb, vegan travel, vegan supermarkets, to even a vegan “butcher shop” in Minnesota.

Being vegan has far reaching effects on personal consumer behaviour and activity. We’re market movers with veganism influencing everything we do, from the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the businesses we support. We're no longer just a niche market, we’re growing exponentially.

Help us make vegan easy!

Here is how we can do it
  • Let’s make Vegan Review a valuable resource for vegans
  • Let’s use it as a tool for activism
  • Let’s create a useful service for businesses who value vegan customers
Here is how you can help
  1. Add reviews of your favourite (or least favourites) products and places.
  2. Help us build our directory by adding vegan product and restaurant listings.
  3. Tell us if something isn’t vegan. We won’t know if something has been added in error if you don’t tell us.
  4. Help us moderate listings and reviews. This includes checking that content meets our criteria.
  5. Share this with friends. Tell restaurants about it, tell vegan-friendly companies about it.
  6. Send us your feedback. We'd love to hear from you.
Check out How it Works or our Frequent Questions for more info.