Frequent Questions

How do I add a listing?

  1. Login or create a new account.
  2. Before adding a new listing, first use the search tool to look for existing listings to avoid creating duplicates.
  3. Click Add a Listing on the menu.
  4. Select the FREE listing option.
  5. Add the listing details (Image, description, categories).
  6. Once a listing has been added and approved, reviews can be made.

My listing image looks funny?

Optimal image dimensions should be 800 x 600. If that resolution is too high then something smaller like 640 x 480 will also do just fine. There is an image crop tool available to you, but we suggest optimizing your image first in a program like photoshop or an online editing tool like

Why is my product or business listing not available nationwide?

If a listing is available nationwide (like a product or an online shop) then only select the areas it’s available in from the location dropdown lists. A listing available nationwide should only have South Africa selected, or a listing only available in one province should have the province selected. If you still want the full address to display on your listing (like city and suburb of the company), then use the address lines 1 and 2 to complete the rest of your listing address details.

I just created a listing. But where is it?

All listings are moderated by us. So we just need a little time to check that it’s good to go and we’ll activate it and then it will be live. You’ll get an email notification from us as soon as we do. Some listings will be rejected, please be sure to check our criteria.

A listing was in my account, but now it’s gone. Where did it go?

We stole it from you. No really, we did. All user contributed listings are moderated, and when we receive them we remove them from your account in order to make them available for the business and product owners to claim them and manage them if they wish. If you are the company owner of a listing then click on Claim Listing after it’s been approved on the website. As a listing owner you'll have the ability to manage your own listings, view stats and to respond to reviews (but not delete them).

I created a listing, but the content has changed. Why?

We reserve the right to edit content that is in line with our vegan ethos. If you’re talking about how incredible those chargrilled steaks are or uploading images of animal products, then we’re going to remove those bits. Sorry, but this is a website for vegans after all. Bad formatting, bad spelling and grammatical errors may also be subject to change.

My Household Product or Cosmetic Listing was not approved?

In the Personal Care and Household Products sections we only list companies and products endorsed by the BWC Humane Guide or the Leaping Bunny Guide. There is simply no other way we can be sure that your product ingredients are not tested on animals. Unfortunately most companies use humane-washing to misrepresent their animal testing claims. If you are sure your products and their final ingredients have not been tested on animals and have checked that you pass their criteria then get in touch with Beauty without Cruelty for a free audit. Once you have been verified by BWC or The Leaping Bunny we can list your products on Vegan Review

Can we add listings for other countries and not only South Africa?

Not quite yet. Products and companies need to available in South Africa just for now. In time we'll make Vegan Review available in other countries. However if a listing is relevant internationally - like a book or documentary then please go ahead and add it. If you’d like Vegan Review in your country please contact us and tell us where you are from.

What’s the difference between the Standard Listing and Food & Drink Product listing types?

The only difference is that a Food & Drink Product listing has some extra options to add details on whether or not a product has any allergens listed in the ingredients. These include Soya, Gluten, MSG, Wheat and Nuts or Peanuts.

I just reviewed something, but I don’t see it?

All reviews are moderated by us and we may need a few moments to approve your review. If a review has terrible spelling or has any references to animal products (including images) it won’t be approved. See details on how it works to understand what this website is about.

My listing does not come up on search?

Have you checked your keywords? Keywords can be added to each listing in order for users to find them. If you’ve checked your keywords and your listing is still is not displaying then contact us and we’ll try resolve the problem.

That’s my business listing. Can I have it?

Yes you can. Just click on Claim this Product or Listing and the listing will change to Pending while we check that it’s yours. Once we’ve verified it’s your listing we’ll move it to your account. You can then manage all the content of you own listings, view page stats and respond to customer reviews (but not delete them).

How can I get one of those cool badges on my listing?

If you think your product or business deserves one then get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do. Remember to check the criteria to see what they are about before contacting us.

I don’t like the badges on my listing?

We list badges that we think are relevant to the purchasing decisions of vegans and other conscious consumers. If you’d like a badge removed please consider adapting your product or business to be more inline with our community. If a badge has been added in error, contact us and let's discuss.

Why is this useful to my business?

As a business owner you can claim your listing and manage it yourself. A few useful things you get for free are:

  1. Manage all your own company and product listing information.
  2. Review management. You can respond to reviews, but not delete them, sorry.
  3. Stats & Analytics. You can see how popular your page is.
  4. Click to call. Customers can phone directly from your listing page
  5. Email form for customers directly from listing page
  6. Checkins. (Coming soon with our iPhone and Android App)

Is this a paid service?

Yes and No. All listings are free and always will be. In addition to free listings we'll also be offering Enhanced Profiles (for a monthly fee) for businesses who may find them useful. Hosting and development expenses have been though the roof and we need to recover these costs.

What are Enhanced Profiles exactly?

If this is a useful service to you, then we provide a way for you to pimp up your company listing or product page. We’re still working on our packages, but in get touch with us if you are interested. Here are some of the cool things we’ll be offering:

  1. A nice big cover image to make your listing look extra special
  2. Facebook page integration
  3. Deals for your customers
  4. Your listing will be featured, so it will show at the top of a search
  5. Promotions
  6. Youtube Videos
  7. Add PDFs (like menus) for download
  8. Backlinks (A fancy SEO thing)
  9. Bullet pointed additional features
  10. Twilio Click to call
  11. Opening and Closing times

Have a look at our demo to get an idea of what’s possible. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about this.

Check out How it Works or our Support page for Account questions.