Whole Earth Cafe


Whole Earth Cafe is situated in the scenic coastal village of Scarborough, offering fresh, ethical, delicious food to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The focus of the Whole Earth Café is to provide something for everyone, offering delicious, healthy cuisine including gluten-free, vegan, raw and other dietary alternatives. There are plenty of vegan options available.


257 Main Rd
Scarborough, Cape Town, Western Cape 7972
South Africa

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2 Reviews
VegNinja 44 VegNinja
Cape Town
Good, but room for improvement

I had the vegan rosti. It was fairly good, but I must be honest I'm really not a fan of the way they make the mushrooms. I felt the dish lacked something, but not quite sure.

I feel what was lacking from the menu is a vegan 'farmhouse' breakfast. I'd love to see a tofu scramble, grilled tomato, veggie sausage and avo brekkie on the menu. There are other veggie options so I'll definitely try another option next time.

March 2017

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Cape Town
Vegan Pancakes! Shall I say more?

I've eaten here on 3 occasions and have not been disappointed once. The star of the show are vegan pancakes with a nut butter cream. For breakfast they also do a zucchini flax seed rosti topped with avocado and mixed greens and mushrooms. For lunch they offer a vegan burger (Which I have yet to try).

All in all they go well out of their way to cater for vegans and take this seriously. Aura the owner is almost always present and happy to chat about vegan menu items, how it's made and where it's sourced.

Definitely recommended for vegans!

February 2016

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