Why Animals Aren't Food - Rohan Millson


The nutrition book vegans have been waiting for… And the one book all animal eaters should read too. Why Animals Aren't Food is the first comprehensive nutrition guide to name and shame the dozens of animal substances beyond cholesterol which injure us; the multiple mechanisms by which they maim us; the myriad parasites, bacteria and viruses with which they infect us; the environmental pollutants with which they contaminate us; and the many healing processes and vital nutrients they lack. Book 1 (Animals, Themselves) explains how "diseases" such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, five forms of blindness and vision loss, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, acne, arthritis, MS, lupus and cancer are symptoms of eating animals (and junk), preventable, even reversible if we switch early enough to eating whole plants. Not a weight-loss manual, Why Animals Aren't Food contains the only 10 words of weight loss advice we'll ever need. When we eat ourselves healthy, ideal weight management follows automatically.

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